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Way Too Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a music?

The concept of Trust Music is that the listener decides the price upon purchase and it can be null. Trust Music is a philanthropist concept relying on mankind's intuitive knowledge of goodness.

Please watch our video for full details about the concept.


Trust Music is NOT a donation based website. The music of the artist is purchased but the buyer is the one deciding the price.
Buyers can edit their cart before download, and also after to increase prices and pay the difference.

How to decide a price if I didn't download yet?

You can decide based on the samples and the making-of video, and it is never too late to pay for a music after download. We will remind you by email.

I'm afraid to give you my credit card!

We DO NOT receive your credit card information when you submit it on Trust Music. Payments are processed via Stripe, a company specialized in credit card transactions located in San Francisco with over 400 employees.
When you submit the payment form on Trust Music, a script in the page sends your card information to Stripe via a secure connection, and Stripe only returns us a reference code for the transaction called token. Our systems then deal with this token and the only numbers we have access to are the 4 last digits of your card.

Quality and formats

Trust Music provides the very best audio quality, a quality never reached by any other music platform.

Artists can upload a 96KHz 24bits version of their music (the format used in professional recording). Our programs have been designed to encode the original uploads using the best algorithms to MP3 and OGG-vorbis at different bit rates, and FLAC. The uncompressed WAV format is also available.

Please read our help for full details concerning the formats.

How to comment a music?

You can only comment songs for which you paid something, and it is never too late to pay after download! You will find a link to comment each music in our emails.

How to subscribe to an Artist?

Whenever you download a music your email address is added to the subscribers list of the artist and you will be automatically notified as soon as they release a new music.
Artists cannot see your email address and they cannot send messages manually. You can unsubscribe from any artist at any time by clicking a link we send you in each email.

Where does the money go?

After the payment processing fee which you can see in the cart, 70% of the sales goes to the music maker, 15% is shared among the artists who referred this music maker, and 15% goes to Trust Music.
As a comparison, the most popular tunes download website takes about 35%.

In the other hand, when this music maker refers other artists, he gets a part of their sales too.

Please watch our video for full details about the concept.

When & How is the artist paid?

The artists can withdraw their account balance to a Paypal account whenever this balance reaches $50.
The amount transfered cannot be less than $50.

Many artists were involved in my music, how does it work?

It is the responsibility of the member registering an account on Trust Music to take care of the rights distribution according to the music copyrights. This person can also be a company.

We recommend you to be very careful on this subject. If a member violates a copyright by selling a work for which they don't own 100% of the rights, or by not respecting the distribution percentages according to the copyrights, the copyright owners may sue the member and Trust Music will cooperate by providing full details of the account that received the funds to the court upon request. We aim to support and protect true artists.

It is important that you make the other members of your band sign a contract, even if they are friends.

Please read our Terms of Use for more details.

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